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I'm a UK based mixer, recording engineer and sometime producer/co-producer. 


I've been fascinated by the studio since I first walked into one as a teenager playing guitar in a band. I studied Creative Music Technologies at undergraduate level and got my first studio experience as an assistant for producer/mixer Ash Workman.I went on to work for the record label Marathon Artists as their in-house engineer and manager for their studio, working closely with many of the artists on their roster over the course of three years.

Since then I've freelanced as an in house engineer for studios including Metropolis, RAK, Press Play, and The Premises. In recent years I've been fully independent, working from my own mix room at PRAH studios in Margate, Kent, often travelling to London or further afield for tracking sessions.

You can hear some music from a past project I was part of here (the other releases under the same name on Spotify aren't us though)

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