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Bob Power mixcon presentation

Mixing masterclass with Chris Tabron
Leonard Bernstein Norton lectures
Tonebenders podcast - acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton
Understanding time constants in FabFilter Pro L2 article

Izotope 'Are You Listening' tutorial series

Electrical Audio Youtube Channel
Distressor and Fatso manuals 

Making Records with Eric Valentine Youtube Channel:

Guitar Tuning

Drum Tuning
Room Acoustics

Digital Audio Fundamentals by Akash Murthy

Mix / Production reference tracks playlist

  Relevant to engineering and music:

  Mixing With Your Mind (Michael Paul Stavrou)
  Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded      Music (Greg Milner)
  Mastering Audio - The Art and The Science (Bob Katz)
  The Master Handbook of Acoustics (F. Alton Everst)

  Unlocking Creativity (Michael Beinhorn)

  The Bruce Swedien Recording Method (Bruce Swedien &    Bill Gibson)

  Bass Culture: When Reggae Was King (Lloyd Bradley)


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